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New Book!

Five years after his last best-selling book, Sagar Bansal, founder of HackerInTheHouse.com, is finally unveiling his new book!

This book is all about professional penetration testing. You’ll find the strategies and methods Sagar used personally to go from a total beginner to becoming a global social phenomenon and the leader of the largest accountable security consulting organization in the world.

If you are struggling to get a job, you’ll learn how to develop skills, not taught in schools, that will increase your reputation.

Wherever you are, License To Pentest will show you how to find your own way to stand out in the crowd.

Hacker In The House Series

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EP 00 – The Test Project

Hacker In The House has a requirement of penetration testing team so they have decided to offer a Test Project to multiple companies. Will Sagar Bansal Digital be able to pass this test and win this contract?

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EP 01 – Initial Foothold

Sagar Bansal Digital has been hired to perform a penetration test in black box style.. His team finds out that a beta website exists. Sagar tries to hack this WordPress based website to establish his initial access

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EP 02 – First Pivot (March 3, 2020)
What do you do after getting access? It’s simple… You try to get more. Sagar discovers the machine he hacked has a dual network adapter. Can he leverage it to reach internal network of the company?
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