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Sagar Bansal a.k.a. The King Of Accountable InfoSec is one of the most respected in experts in the industry

He holds a strong portfolio of 35k+ student having multiple certifications including CCISO, CISSP, OSCP, LPT, CISA, CISM and many more.

Sagar has worked with multiple government projects including highly complex and confidential things. Though his charges are extremely high, it’s FAR less of what you get as return on investment.

Average Student To InfoSec Expert
In Just A Matter Of Weeks (Not Months)

Secret #1

How the Career Ladder has helped me to become a Security Expert at the age of 19.

Secret #2

Why the concept of "Certification" based recruitment is completely OBSOLETE!

Secret #3

How Accountable Security is the most valuable skill you can add to your life.

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