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sagar bansal cissp masterclass
Mr. Sagar was an absolute pleasure to communicate with. He was always very positive and had a "Can Do" attitude at all time. He has a very good technical Security background, which allowed him to understand the issues, resolution options and be very pro-active person who respond in a timely manner.
Sagar was the best CISSP trainer I ever met. His one day coaching just before the exam made me pass it.. Thank you so Much Sagar
Sagar is an extremely responsible and talented professional. He has shown an incredible commitment to getting the work done. He is also an expert in his field, has a great attitude towards work and is a successful entrepreneur.
It Was Fantastic to Learn From You, His hands-on approach to career coaching, motivational speaking and consulting and powerful personality won him the respect of the staff .Loyal , insightful and independent. Very Positive attitude towards Work.
After taking his courses on CISSP I can say that he is the best CISSP trainer. His courses makes me feel confident about passing the CISSP exam. Even he helped 100's students in passing their CISSP examination keep the good work up sir
When it comes to my mind about a trainer who is equally good in information security domain and learning platforms, Sagar is the best choice to pick among all. I know him for such a long and venerate him for his effort and resiliency to provide the best security knowledge to the learners for ages now. Sagar has got tons of experience in information security field and he has already retained that legacy in CISSP field as well. His teaching methods are quite effective and provide the best possible knowledge to go through such a turmoil journey as far as CISSP exam prepartion is concerned. He manages to make the topic brittle to the learners and provide crystal clear idea to declaim those within shortest possible time. Not only he demonstrates each topics meritoriously but provide the hands-on to the students also for strengthening the topic gen altogether. I wish him success in all his future endeavors and I firmly believe that he will become one of the pioneers in CISSP training within shortest possible time.
When we Started MyTutorialRack, We got Hacked more than 2 times in a Single Year. It was Sagar who implemented the proper security and helped us to stay secure. Now 1M+ Students can trust our site confidently!

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