Today, we will understand Various Types of Security. Most people think information security is all about the computers, networking, hacking and all. Actually, it’s not.
by the way, if you have not studied IAAA Concept till now, make sure to do that first

Security has three main dimensions.

  1. Physical
  2. Logical
  3. Administrative

Now I just want you to understand that we work in all these three fields when we talk about security.

Physical Security

It’s all about physically securing your assets. Assets may include your information, data or even your physical assets like building, furniture, etc. We want to secure all of that physically,

For example, you save backup of your computers in your storehouse and someone just come and break into the store and steal all your backups, So what’s the point of taking those backups or what’s the point of security if anyone can just go and physically steal everything. Also remember that Calamities like an earthquake or even a fire can damage a lot of data or assets in your organization. All of this comes under Physical Security.

Logical Security

Logical security is also known as technical security. So all those things that happens technically, maybe like someone is trying to attack our company, our servers, our computers, networks from a technical point of view. That’s called as the technical security. We want to secure everything in technical forms. That’s the logical part.

Administrative Security

Administrative security generally includes the policies, procedures, rules, guidelines, etc.

For example, employees generally have a bad habit of printing a lot of data. They generally print the data and forget to destroy those prints, they just throw it into the garbage. Now the attacker can simply go and find the information in the garbage. This Technique is called dumpster diving. Proper Administrative Policies can help to protect such things. Like we may have a policy of shredding the data, a Clean Desk Policy. These will keep us safe from such kind of attacks. So all of these things are covered in this administrative security.

The main focus of this chapter was to introduce you to all three major dimensions of the security and I know you enjoyed it too.

See you in the Next Chapter!

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