Let's Understand a Fact

Most of us Invest our Money in Banks, FD’s, Mutual Funds, G-Sec, and Other Financial Instruments…

But How do these Instruments Give us the Returns?

The answer is : They Pool the Money and Invest the whole amount in ” Stock Market “

So the Thing to understand is that Why Not to Directly Invest your Money in Stock Market and Get Higher Returns ?

A Concern with Most of My Clients

Will investment in Stock Market will be Right for Me?

The answer is YES!

Risk Profile

As a Financial Planner, I suggest to get your Risk Profile Determined if you want to do it as Investment Purposes and then only to Invest in Stock Market…

You might want to use the Free Tool to find you Approx. Risk Profile

Technical Analysis

Here comes the Actual Concept of this Post…

Basically Technical Analysis is the Set of Techniques which Enables you to invest or trade in ” Stock Market “ or any other related market like Forex, Crypto, etc. in the Most Safest Way..

Even if your Risk Profile do not allow you to take good risk, Technical Analysis can enable you to invest in Market

How much Safety can Technical Analysis Provide

This will be against the Law and my Ethics to say a 100% safety but I will say that the Maximum amount of Safety can be gained by Perfect Technical Analysis before Investing

An Estimation of Return

Well If i take some Good Risk, then I generally Get 3.3% return in a Day…

Which means your Money Doubles in just 1 Month!!!

Is this a Joke? No it’s not

But again, there is always Risk in investments

What about Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis is a Strong Concept when Investing for Longer Time Frames but the Problem here is that Fundamental Analysis Requires you to take a Portfolio Management Service so that your Investment can be Regularly Monitored… 

For this you might want to Schedule a Meeting

For those who want to Make Money in Short Time Framer, Technical Analysis is the Best Option to Consider

The Battle Field

Stock Market is a Battle Field of Bulls and Bears, and in a Battle Field, you can not come Bare Handed…

The Only Weapon to Win in This Battle Field is Technical Analysis

Let’s take an Example :- 

If you want to drive a Car, You should at least know Where are Brakes, Gears, Steering and the Most Important… When and How to use them…

If you don’t then, Accidental Chances are almost 100%…

The Same is True with Technical Analysis, It gives you all the Tools and Knowledge when to Enter and Exit your Positions to book Maximum Profits with Least Risk


Accept this Fact or not, This Happens…

Even when Fundamentals of a Stock Looks Good, as a Result of Window Dressing though…

You can Easily Spot them in Charts of Technical Analysis

Take an Example here :-

You are sitting in world’s Best Car… The nest Minute, It start Falling down from a hill… You will Probably have to Jump from it to Save yourself

You might have seen the Stocks of a Company Going up to Extreme High’s and Then a Sudden Break in Prices leading to fall on Ground, These are Manipulations…

People who do not have Skills tends to Blame Brokers and Market but as mentioned earlier, Stock Market is a Battle Filed and Without the Knowledge of Technical Analysis, You can not Hope for a Victory...


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