Let’s Talk about Goals Mission and Objectives…
Why do any organization need information security?

This is a very simple question, but the answer is a way more complex. What if I tell you that information security enables us to be protected against threats to have proper management of resources in a secure environment so that we can achieve our business goals, work towards the mission of the business and accomplish the objectives of the business.

By the way if you have not checked CIA TRIAD and IAAA Yet, Make sure to see then first…

So it’s all about achieving the goals, the objectives, and fulfilling the mission of the business. That’s why we need information security to do that in a secure environment. That is why we need to understand what the goals of our business are. What is our mission and  our objectives.

The mission is like an overall goal of the business. Why your business does actually exists?

Goals are our Targets which we want to achieve to fulfill that mission.

Objectives are the things we want to fulfill to reach our goals.

I also want to discuss one more thing. When we are working with all of these.

Is it possible to work in a hundred percent safe environment?

Well, the answer is No. If it is possible, why would the risk appear? And actually, it’s again about the money. So let’s say you have an unlimited amount of money. There’s no restriction on it, you can just go and buy everything, every latest technology and you can make your company 100% risk Free.

Your goals, mission, vision, objectives, processes, procedure, everything will work in a safe environment until there is a new threat.

We want to implement information security, but we want to align all that to the goals of the management, the mission of the organization and the objectives of the business.
By the way, they can fall in any Type Of Security!

I’ll continue this journey in the next chapter, till then…
Have a nice day.

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