Today I am talking about a very interesting topic which I realized needs to be talked about after spending time in both certification’s training courses…

It’s Sunday morning and I have a lot of weekend work to take care of so I will keep it short and sweet however I will write a Full Fledged Comparison some other day.

LPT training is known as Advance Penetration Testing whereas OSCP training is known as Penetration Testing With Kali

The Core Difference in both Certifications is that OSCP teaches you hardcore penetration testing skills which you can use in life and work in a company as a Penetration Tester… However, LPT teaches you those same skills from a Different Angle…

There are 2 types of careers in this world…

  • Job
  • Entrepreneurship

and there are 2 types of people as well…

  • Type 1 are those who can not take risks with their lives and bring Value to Society without the support and ecosystem established by someone else
  • Type 2 are those are willing to add value to society but also want to work under their own brand, establish an ecosystem of themselves, and take risks

I am certainly Type 2 and hence an Entrepreneur
But wait… don’t think that doing a Job is bad… there are so many Multi-Million Dollar Job Positions in the market too.

LPT focuses on How you can Be an Entrepreneur and teaches you How to Sell Your Services. ( of course, you don’t need to sell your services in a job.. )

  • It teaches you how to scope a project, how to bill a client, how to sign agreements etc
  • it teaches you Project Management, Leadership and Team Management
  • Apart from this, It teaches you Communication Skills and Other Soft Skills

When we talk about OSCP, It makes you a Penetration Tester and gives you a chance to decide that whether you want to work 9-5 in a Job or want to be an Entreprenure. So accordingly you will have to focus on one and then develop those skills yourself.

One more thing I would talk in favor of LPT is that it has it’s on Proprietary Methodology which can be mapped to OpenSource Methodologies like NIST or OWASP very easily…

take an example, You are working on a system… you did complete testing and now things have been documented. After 1 year, some other person who is also an LPT comes and he test your systems under LPT methodology, things become comparable… you can compare each and every single line written in the report as they will be standardized.

On the other hand, as OSCP doesn’t have any standardized Testing or Reporting Methodology, There results are slightly hard to compare… Some people argue that’s best as everyone has his/her own style but my views do not match this argument.

as said, I’ll write a full fledged comparison on LPT vs OSCP some other day,
Feel free to check CEH vs OSCP Where CEH May Seems Better

till then, Happy Weekend