Question Scenario Your Company has 100 Employees and you want to implement Encryption for the data. The CEO of Company asks you that she was reading about symmetric and asymmetric encryption. what is the difference between them? you tell her that it’s about the keys, We have only one key in symmetric whereas 2 key’s in Asymmetric. She asks you which one is safe, then your answer was that it depends on the case of use. but in our case as we are trying to protect the communication between people, both are equally safe, finally, CEO comes to a conclusion that symmetric encryption has only 1 key so that will be less chaos and burden to manage, so just implement it.

Question How will you explain to her that this is not true?

Answer Show her the Maths…
In Symmetric Encryption we need 1 key for 2 people, but there are 100 people, so this means
{100(100-1)}/2 using the formulae of combinations i.e. { n x (n-2 ) } / 2
we get 100 x 99 / 2 = 4950 keys

In Asymmetric Encryption, we need 2 Keys for 2 People but One Key is Public which everyone will share, and One Key is Private which Everyone will keep with them, so it is only 2 * 100 = 200 Keys Needed

If you are not able to understand this simple concept. Please see the CryptoGraphy Section from my CISSP MasterClass Training at

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