Scenario – Your company is getting a Finger Print Detection System and they want to compare with multiple devices… The CIO suggested the one with low CER is good. CEO ask the reason If it and then CIO from available samples of fingerprint detectors choose 3
One has a cer of 1, second has cer of 2 and third has cer of 3
He tells that there are two types of error which are typically one and type two.

Question – what would have been explained by CIO after this

Answer – type 2 is false positive which means it will let any unauthorized person come in the office
And type 1 is false negative which is it will stop authorized users from entering too
Now if we draw them on a graph we get 2 lines, and the point where these 2 lines meet is called as cer
So a lower cer means low type 1 error and at the same time low type 2 error too
So the one with cer 1 wins
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