Sagar Bansal

Sagar Bansal

One of the World's Leading I.T. Guru's

About me

I am an Author, Entrepreneur, Hacker, Musician, Chess Master, and a Public Speaker, I love to do what i like, and my life is full of Gadgets, Thrills, and Fun

I have Created a lot of Super Successful Courses which are Best Sellers and Top Rated on Various Platforms like Udemy Inc.


Date of birth

February 04, 2000


Haryana, India



+919050533859 (INDIA)
+19038715453 (USA)


Open to Offers


Udemy Inc.

Best Selling Author

May 2016 - Present

My Preference to Subjects

Chess and Stock Market 80%
Web Development 87%
Ethical Hacking 100%

Udemy Inc. is World's Biggest Online Education Platform, where I teach 8 Different Courses

My Students Say, that I teach Amazing Concepts which are Practically Applicable to the Real Life Scenarios


CEO / Founder

December 2016 - Present

My Duties

Creating More Enriched Syllabus 52%
Handling Meetings with Investors 89%
Taking Major Decisions 100%

I am the Founder of PHMC SECURITIES which is a Leading Ethical Hacking Training and Consultancy Brand in this World


Arena Candidate Master

January 2018

World Chess Federation ( FIDE )

Arena Candidate Master is One out of 4 Titles Given to Players by World Chess Federation, This Title Allow me to Have a ACM in Front of My Name which is a Symbol of Excellence and Respect

Certified Ethical Hacker

September 2017

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants

Certified Ethical Hacker is one of the Most Prestigious Certifications in the Field of Ethical Hacking and Infosec

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