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If you have a business and willing to promote it worldwide then you should have a well-maintained blog that can effectively enhance the selling. For the job you might be finding the best content management system, right? You would be happy to know that your wait is finally over! I am talking about the best website creating tool that is WordPress, it is being served thousands of users till now and yes! It would never be wrong if I say that it is best among all with numerous features.


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If you are a blogger or the creative artist, then for sure need to open your website through WordPress. This is the main reason that over the past few years, the demand and popularity of creating the website by using this source have been getting tremendous high. Besides using WordPress, there have been so many users who prefer to take into account other platforms for creating their websites. But WordPress is an ultimate option to opt out! As through the launch of some new themes, plugins, and features, WordPress has made itself one of the powerful options for sure.

You might agree that none of us is professional in order to make the dreams come true you should know every nook and corner in relation to WordPress but you shouldn’t worry at all because over this blog post I will be heading towards the discussion of best and top 6 ways by which you can use WordPress perfectly: Let’s discuss with these methods one by one:

1. Change your WordPress Site into Mobile App:

AppPresser is one of the finest applications to choose out. It has undoubtedly made itself come about to be one of the most powerful and yet the world’s first mobile app development framework. Over the use of this platform, you would be able to eventually build native Android and iOS apps that are all based on your WordPress site. In this way, the users will be able to keep them up to date with the new posts and share them straight away on the site.  This software would rather allow you to distribute the app through Google Play and the iTunes Store. At the end it would engage greater number of audience target.


2. Start Publishing Complex Forms:

As it is all the more common fact that Gravity Forms has come about to, is one of the powerful advanced WordPress plugins. It has been the best used in order to build upon with some amazing complex contact forms much easily. It would be giving you out the complete freedom as to use either the existing Gravity Form or you can even put to view based on already existing forms.

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3. Establish a Network of WordPress Sites by Installation

Through the assistance of WP Multisite, you would be able to run a network of WordPress with just one installation. Each single of the site within the network would exist in just one separate unit. With this network, you would be able to run more than one WordPress site at a time.  You should be having one account to access two or more sites.

4. Building Online Community with WordPress:

  • In order to create an online community with WordPress, you can efficiently make the use of PeepSo.
  • This would assist you to create the online community as much similar to Facebook.
  • As you will get finish with the installation, you will be able to add the widgets to display users’ photos, videos and friends.
  • You can also share photos and videos, send messages, find and add friends.
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5. Start Using WordPress as a Photo Gallery:

Here, you can also make the use of WordPress as the photo gallery. To work in an effective way, you can use NextGEN Gallery Plugin that is one of the most highly recommended for the beginners.


6. Create a Job Board with WordPress:

  • You can let the WordPress act as the job board for you.
  • You can use the plugin of WordPress Job Board that is meant as best for bloggers or entrepreneurs, and web developers.  
  • This plugin would be integrating all kinds of the themes that get install in just a few seconds.


This is all I have ended up with the compiling list of amazing and best top six ways to use WordPress. Using WordPress is not that much hard as the beginners take it. It might come across as daunting but, once you get a strong grip on its working mode, then for sure using WordPress will be a fun and entertaining thing for you to do.